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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tracking to the south, some snow showers in the mountains to the west. as the national weather service has seen the light on this, it does include the eastern shore perhaps later this evening areas south of easton will pick up wintry weather. temperatures are not supportive of winter weather. maybe rain showers. we're in the mid-40s. where is the storm having an impact? it's well south and west of us toward knocksville and reaching into virginia. we have a look at the heavy snow that's coming down well south of us. this is where we expect it to be. it stayed south of baltimore. much more coming up. now to the breaking news of anne arundel county executive john leopold. >> cheryl conner was in the courtroom as leopold's team made a big announcement about his
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misconduct trial. >> reporter: a big shift in the trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold. mr. leopold, do you feel you have a better chance here with a trial by judge? a surprise turn has leopold and his two defense attorneys opted for a trial by judge, not jury. this follow as lengthy process where over 300 people filled out questionnaires and about 100 perspective jurors were interviewed in person. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> reporter: leopold is accused of misusing his executive security. the indictment alleges officers lied lookout while he had section in a vehicle and while he stole campaign signs and that all of it was done on county time with county tax dollars. >> i don't think so. i think this would be a better understood trial than having the
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jurors there. >> reporter: he doesn't think a trial heard by a judge would weaken the outcome. leopold is charged with one count of fraud for misusing county dollars. judge dennis sweeney will determine his fate while leopold's peers return to a normal life. opening arguments are scheduled for 9 monday morning. >> a baltimore city teenager accused of impers nateing a police officer. >> the school refuses to tells details about the case is. we found out how the student was able to dupe people. >> reporter: the student was arrested twice for impersonating an officer. he had a city schools police amount of sources say he was
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arrested twice for this and most recently worked in a store near lexington market. while city schools refuses to tell us details, it did send a statement saying it is under investigation and taking appropriate steps. it says the department of juvenile services are handling the case. as with most crimes, it must be reported to baltimore city police but it could be a couple weeks before they will share that police report. brian kuebler, abc2 news. the state patrol who was shocked to shock trauma last night after crashing his cruiser on 70 has been upgreated to serious condition. state police are asking anyone who may have soon the crash to call. another driver said they sought trooper get cut off right before
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the crash. one of the worst flu outbreaks is taking its toll. >> there comes news of a series of clinics in harford county. >> reporter: and they're for treatment of while some drugstores and doctor's offices are short of the you is plierks thousands will be available for the next 48 hours in bel air. make no mistake about it. the flu has struck in full force. here in bel air you can't miss the warning signs. the hospitals and sections pre-- infections director. >> seen patients come in with influenza type illness. 80 were admitted to the hospital and out of that 65 tested positive for influenza. >> reporter: in addition to
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restricting visitation and promoting masks, the county is working with the health department. >> what we're seeing are spot shortages. we do know generally ?reek is an adequate supply but the demand is also increasing. we do have approximately 9 hurricane or 1,000 doses of vaccines that we can administer tomorrow. >> reporter: the health department is offering the free vaccines tomorrow from one to five on 212 south bond street. the hospital will offer its own clinic on saturday at the harford mall from 10:00 to 2. >> this is the best and the only defense for influenza that we as physicians can offer. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. >> the experts say even those
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who contract it may not suffer the severe side effects of those who fail the vax narks jeff hager, abc2 news. a study released in the new england journal of medicine found that -- . >> we need a vision check after seeing that. all right. we're working for you. we got you covered when this comes to surviving this flu outbreak. >> health reporter linda so has one this morning that's important that a lot of us forget to do. >> it's something we do every day, brush our teeth but if you come down with the flu don't forget thisno carrierringconnec0
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>> head to the 83-yard rush by ray rice. one more high and we say hello
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to new orleans. ravens practice today and tomorrow before flying out to play the patriots. since coach belichick was raised in pape pearntion we have terrell suggs on how to stop tom brady.
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we all know that the traditional cigarettes are bad for your health. now there's a warning about the electronic ones. most think they can help you quit and are less harmful but researchers say not enough information is known about the risk of the cigarettes and so far there is no evidence of their benefit. >> kids may love the taste of salty foods but a high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease later in life. to decrease your child's risk you may want to cut down on spokesperson foods. >> potato chips, french fries,
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cheese. cheese contains a lot of sodium. cutting out the pizza, the cheese and crackers, replacing it with something less filled with sodium. >> canned soups and vegetables can contain high levels of sodium. make sure you check the labors before hand. experts recommend they consume less than a teaspoon of salt a day. if you feel more joint main in the cold weather, you're not the only one. rheumatologists are asked whether arthritis flairs up. doctors say sometimes changes in barometric pressure and humid ti can cause expansion in the joints. keep track of your pain to see if it's changing with the forecast. >> i think if the pain comes and goes and doesn't last more than a couple weeks time maybe you don't need to worry about it.
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if the knee main lasts longer than two, three, four weeks, then it's time for you to get checked out. >> doctors say one thing we know for sure is weather does not cause arthritis or make it worse long term. all right. let's take a look first at maryland's most powerful radar. we did think some of the precipitation would edge into d.c. we have a few hours to go with the system. right now deep south maryland toward calvert cliffs, a little bit of snow, reaching across to la plata. this has a winter storm warning through salisbury. you can see a lot of it is well south and west. annapolis thought we might see a
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little bit of snow shower action. it doesn't look like much, nor on kent island. here in mardela spring we have had mixed precipitation outside of salisbury, welt there. we'll see how fast that changes. the snow has been coming down in bristol, virginia. out there in southwest, virginia, the snow is coming down. the really heavy stuff is west of the roanoke area. here in baltimore 41 with the current air temp well above freezing. even if we were were to see a stray showers, it would be a liquid type showers. all of that will be on the lower eastern shore and southern maryland, not for baltimore north. upper 30s on the shore.
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any wintry precip won't stick. in charlottesville that's a wet snow. satellite radar pictures telling the tale. most of it is locked into southern virginia. some of it is edging up the southern part of the chesapeake bay. the setup is a dry one. we have high pressure in control. wrapping around that very dry air. some of the precip edges in and evaporates on the way down. the moisture is coming out of the carolinas. that's where our snow totals will and up being. future trend in the next few days clear. we'll warm it up, southwest breeze is kicking in saturday, going to make for pretty mild weather for at least the afternoon. again, that cold air is not going to hold tight. we'll see a bounce back temperature wise. friday looks cold, mid to upper
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30s. warmer air edges back into the south breeze. you see the effects. one last look at that southern storm system, the center of which is turning its way to the areas to our south. the football forecast still cold and snowy. tonight down to 29, wintry well south. 38 tomorrow, more sunshine. we should see breaks of sun coming through. tomorrow night cold. the next few days you see it's breezy, cold and dry. that will continue into the next seven days with an emphasis on the word cold. look toward the middle part of next week. the conditions will be cooling down. an arctic blast finally arriving. our first true arctic blast of the season. that's coming in late january. it's about time someone would say. there it is. >> nice while this lasted. >> unless are a driving well south tonight, charlottesville, virginia or salisbury, you're
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looking good. >> let's turn on the tv. listen. ♪ i think we're crazy, cause we're the ravens, so bring on brady ♪ >> nice. >> we like the message here, but i tell you what. a lot of people are saying that's enough of "call me maybe." got an argument going on on facebook. go to facebook and tell them, no. we want more. that is great. thank you for sending that in. >> hot topics waiting for you. >> it was a close encounter of a different kind for some australian fishermen. they got up close and personal with the shark. you can't always count on
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computers and one weather man found out the hard way.
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something like just a. two australian fisherman captured it. they're up close and personal with a great white shark. they were fishing for a smaller shark when an unexpected surprise came along. >> comes this big head. >> luckily the shark didn't jump onboard. >> take a look at this guy.
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he's a real bucket head -- literally. a burglary in louisiana robbed a seafood store. he apparently grabbed a bucket because he forgot his mask. the 23-year-old former employee has been charged. check this out. the meteorologist from tulsa had to improvise when his computer crashed. it happened right before the broadcast and they couldn't fix it in time. so he drew the forecast. >> that's pretty good. >> remember al hernden had the text p--- texaco face.
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there's some consultant thinking that's the way to do weather. >> coming up, are pure bred pet bus inherently dangerous? we'll explain how maryland lawmakers may have their compromise. >> a hostage rescue mission in algeria gets several americans out safely but the status of others still unclear. >> rules to lev by. that's what two girls wrote down inner that rule book. >> and it is snowing outside, just a few hundred miles away in virginia. we'll look at that and how things develop. it's ravens game day straight ahead.
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john leopold won't sit before a jury. the anne arundel county executive waived his right to a jury trial. leopold is accused of misconduct in office for using county resources not related to his job as a county executive. a baltimore city student has been arrested for posing as a school officer. he appeared to work in lexington market with the understanding he was an officer. the state's attorney's office is handling it. >> we are tracking the flu outbreak. today harford harford announced it will offer free flu shots. the seasonal flu clinic will be held in the council chambers in downtown bel air. doctors say it's not too late


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